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Premium Titanium dust flakes for nails and body (Read description before

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Gorgeous titanium dust flakes are here, giving you multi-tonal duochrome colour shifts. These flakes can be used for nails and also body art. This product is extremely lightweight so hardly weighs, it comes in a small 3ml full pot.

Please be aware that the product will naturally settle in transit making the product seem less than it is. The Titanium flakes are not recommended for use around the eye area as some flakes may be sharp so please use with care.

These flakes are produced with real multitonal Titanium giving you multiple colour effects, these are perfect when sprinkled over wet nail enamel and applied with a wet brush for body art.

This product is Made in China

This product is Cruelty Free.

(Cosmetics that are made in China, but are not sold there, are not subject to the same animal testing laws that impact finished products that are being sold in China. Brands who produce their items in China are able to stay cruelty-free. The required by law animal testing laws in China do not apply to them.)